These are the Objectives for the year 2024


Number of courses and trained volunteers: In these first phases of the birth of SLV, this section is the most important: we want to inform people who are aware of palliative care in schools: 1000. Train 200 volunteers and also provide specific training to 60 health care professionals health with national and international experts. This represents a cost of 3,300€


Number of home care kits : 10. Each kit requires a base price of €140 plus 280€ for consumables for one year: 140+280 x10 = 4,200€


Medicines: We want to distribute the appropriate medicines for each case. Although we know that this is not possible yet, the action plan consists of collecting medicines in pharmacies in Spain and sending them to SLV with several annual shipments until we make an annual “Container” type shipment with all the medical material as soon as the embassies from Cameroon and Spain assure us of the arrival of free material.

Number of people served : the goal for this course is to serve 500 people, with an average of 3 visits per year. The cost of each visit is 6 euros, but patients only pay 1 euro per visit. It is up to us to get the rest: 500 patients x 3 visits x 5 euros = 7,500€

To care for foreign volunteers, we need a minimum of 6,000€: for 6 volunteers, for two months each.

For transportation care, we need a minimum of 8,000€ for a second-hand vehicle.


Cover the expenses of the dispensary for rent, water, electricity…

Total economic cost: 60,000€