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The first Cameroonian Association of Palliative Care in Spain is presented “Soigner la Vie” (SLV) “Caring for life”

This Saturday, April 27, at the Laguna Care Center Hospital, this Cameroonian Palliative Care Association was presented for the first time in Spain.

The event took place in the Magna training room of the Laguna Care Center Hospital in Madrid.

The Ambassador of Cameroon to Spain, Paulin Godfried Yanga, and representatives of the embassies of Congo, Nigeria, and Gambia participated in the event. Among the attendees were also people from other African countries such as Senegal, Gambia and Morocco.

The presentation was opened by the General Director of the Laguna Care Center Hospital, David Rodríguez-Rabadán, who explained that they are and will use all the means at their disposal to continue supporting this incipient project.

Encarnación Pérez Bret, Home Palliative Nurse from Laguna, explained the need to promote Palliative Care as the first way to fight against Euthanasia and the urgency for it to be promoted in Africa, where the culture of Palliative Care is still very incipient.

The Association, three years old, was presented in Spain with the help of Spanish Foundations, some present such as the Friends of Monkole Foundation, Vianorte-Laguna Foundation and the La Vicuña Foundation ARBOR VITAE and IDOC i FTIH. The Adeste Foundation, Recover Foundation and the French Adespa Foundation were also supported in some way.

To explain the results achieved so far, the president of Soigner La Vie, Paul Christian Tsotie, intervened via web from Cameroon. To explain the objectives for 2024 in Cameroon and Spain, the representative of Soigner La Vie (SLV) in Spain, Pablo Pérez-Tomé Román, spoke next.

Finally, there were direct testimonies under the motto “I’ve been there and I’ll tell you about it” from Javier Sánchez Ayuso, a doctor who has been going to Cameroon for more than 25 years on vacation to help in hospitals, and two volunteers who have been there: Steve Kommengne , a volunteer trained in the SLV and Juan Luis García Hermoso work camps who has just arrived from a two-month stay who has gone as a volunteer to give his experience and help and acquire knowledge there to now raise funds from here.

The day before, from the airport in Colombia, we received a message of support from the writer Isabel Sánchez, author of the book “Cuidarnos” which is perfect for the purposes of the Association.

The event was presented by the actress and writer Eva Latonda, who helped very well to explain this great project and how it affects us all.

Other Entities that also collaborate with the association:

Online broadcast 

( Directed by Enrique Martínez Bermejo)

Reportaje fotográfico

(Coordinated by photographer Carlos de la Calle)

The General Director of the Laguna Care Center Hospital, David Rodríguez-Rabadán, told of the link between H C Laguna and Soigner la Vie in help and training to ensure that in the future there will be another “Lagune” in Cameroon in a few years.


Encarnación Pérez Bret, a home palliative nurse from Laguna and with experience in Cameroon since the 90s, described how her heart is put into this joyful and important work. The Friends of Monkole Foundation with its director,


Enrique Barrio, open paths and channels for the legal and economic support of SLV in Spain and Europe. Now this foundation is not only friends of Monkole, but it is also friends of SLV.


David Rodríguez-Rabadán at the speakers’ table next to the Ambassador of Cameroon in Spain, Monsieur Paulin Godfried Yanga..


His Excellency Ambassador of Cameroon in Spain Monsieur Paulin Godfried Yanga wanted to support this initiative with his presence and with the dissemination of our Association among the Cameroonian Community in Spain, as true protagonists to help their compatriots in the most precarious situation. Those in Spain can help so that Soigner la Vie (SLV) can now serve their families in need in and around Yaoundé and, tomorrow, throughout Cameroon.


From Cameroon at the SLV headquarters in Yaoundé, with the president of the Soigner La Vie association: Paul Christian Tsotie and he will briefly tell us everything they have already done in the first three years of existence. “Three years already bearing fruit.”


“And here, what can I do?”, Soigner La Vie (SLV) with its representative in Spain: Pablo Pérez-Tomé Román explained what can be done from Spain and what objectives there are for 2024.


Javier Sánchez Ayuso, internist at the Getafe hospital, with more than 25 years dedicating his vacations to helping in hospitals in Cameroon with many institutions, including the Recover Foundation. He sent a video from Morocco where he is also on a humanitarian mission right now.


The actress Eva Latonda and Steve gave the notes of liveliness in the promotion of this project that is now a reality.


Steve Kommengne, Steve has come to Spain to study engineering and then return to his country. He has volunteered and collaborated in summer work camps with SLV and told what they did and who Paul Christian really is.


Juan Luis García Hermoso. He has been a volunteer for almost 25 years. At HCLaguna he has trained and has helped many people die. He could not stand the “call from Africa” and for the first time in his life, at 70 years old, he went to Yaoundé to help for two months. He recounted the reality and the achievements that are already being achieved in Yaoundé and surrounding areas.


Finally, the testimony of the writer Isabel Sánchez arrived from Colombia. She is the author of the book “Take Care of Us”, a book highly recommended for everyone and especially for everyone related to the world of End-of-Life Care.


Enrique, from the Friends of Monkole Foundation, Hillary, the main Cameroonian liaison with the Cameroonian embassy and with the Cameroonian community, the Ambassador, Juan Luis and Pablo at the end of the event.


Steve addressed the ambassador and explained his experience in French and at the same time his speech was narrated in Spanish.


The entire local team attended the event from the SLV headquarters in Yaoundé. More than 60 people from different parts of the world saw it online that same day, thanks to the online transmission.


Presentation in Spain of Soigner la Vie


Topic: Living with Depranocytosis: support and sharing for families.

Dear SLV family, We are delighted to invite you to our next discussion group on the THEME: LIVING WITH SICKLE CELL DISEASE: SUPPORT AND SHARING FOR FAMILIES. Join us for a warm and caring meeting where you can share your experiences, find support and exchange valuable advice. Sickle cell disease is a genetic disease that can have a significant impact on the daily lives of those affected and their families. This is why we have created this secure space where you can express yourself freely, ask your questions and share your concerns under the supervision of a team of multidisciplinary health professionals.

Whether you are parents, brothers and sisters, or close to people with sickle cell disease, your presence is essential. Together, we can create a supportive community and an environment of listening and support for families affected by sickle cell disease. 🗓️ Date: 04/17/2024 ⏰ Time: 2 p.m. -4:30 p.m. 📍 Location: Etoug-ebe Center for the disabled, place called career bar. NB: FREE ACCESS ONLY UPON RESERVATION, 657.696.411 Please share this invitation with others who might be interested.

January 31, 2024

Visit of the ambassador of Spain to Cameroun, Ignacio Rafael García

A moment of prestige and diplomacy, here are exclusive photos of the visit of our distinguished ambassador. We are honored to have welcomed His Excellency the Ambassador of Spain to Cameroon to the premises of SOIGNER LA VIE. His charisma and commitment to humanitarian causes are a source of inspiration for us all. These photos capture the moment when the ambassador exchanges ideas and perspectives with our team, opening up a wide scope and new opportunities for us. We are grateful for the trust and friendship he has shown towards our Association. His passing will remain engraved in our memory, and we will continue to work together to promote the dissemination of the culture of palliative care in Cameroon.


November 14th

We have just received a visit from the president of the Fédération Internationale de Cares Palliatives (FISP) and ADESPA: Professor Benoît Burucoa